Training a puppy starts with proper management of the dog at home and in daily life in general, to make him learn the basic rules of living within society. This happens from the first moment in which it becomes part of the family nucleus and above all in the first phase of learning, which is defined as "socialization". In this phase it is important to let him have as many experiences as possible, obviously with the right gradualness, so that he is used to all the contexts that we would like him to encounter in the course of his life.
The basic education path therefore aims to:
- the facilitation of the correct development of the puppy up to maturity, through exposure to experiences, in the correct ways and times
- the development of a healthy relationship within the binomial and/or family system
- the constraint of the owner´s skills aimed at obtaining mutual and collaboration-based collaboration from the dog.
The personality of the single subject will always be taken into account to satisfy his needs. In fact, our teaching is based on the zoo anthropological cognitive approach, which considers the dog´s thoughts and emotions as the foundation of its final behavior. The training is then carried out following the gentle method.
Very important in the socialization phase is also socialization with his fellow dogs, which allows him to learn to communicate with the right canine language, to play appropriately and to know how to control himself. This is promoted by us with our PUPPYCLASS course.
AMATEUR ACTIVITIES: rally obedience, sports retrieving, olfactory research, clicker training

Our training camp is still located in Almenno San Salvatore, but detached from the breeding, to ensure an environment without excessive stimuli for the dog´s initial education.
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A beautiful journey experienced at the Oasi del cucciolo, thanks to the quality and love that distinguish this breeding.
I learned to communicate with my dog and my dog learned the rules that made our life together even more special.
All with gentleness, patience and firmness, never distorting the animal´s personality but accompanying me and my Golden on our journey of growth and life together.
Thank you Gessica, thank you Federica!
Francesca & Sole
We did a training course with Federica for our 9 month old Kira.
Among the various problems he helped us overcome were his socialization with other dogs and his hyper agitation which is difficult to manage. We learned the basic commands, different games that help her concentrate making her calm down, she also learned to live and play appropriately with other dogs. After this journey we have seen her matured, she has begun to trust us and we have also managed to spend some wonderful beach holidays with her. She was adequate in every situation and we are also
managed to eat quietly in the restaurant without him saying anything. It was a wonderful experience, fun for Kira as well as for us. I highly recommend her, Federica is a true professional, patient and full of enthusiasm!
Federica is very prepared and puts passion into her work. Very patient with both dogs and owners. Oh yes, because we too must pay close attention during the lessons to put his teachings into practice. Much of the work is then done in everyday life with our four-legged friend. Commitment is a must. We had a great time!! thanks Federica. Thanks Oasi del Cucciolo
Federica & Amelie
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