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Here we are.... Now I´ll tell you why this great passion for our 4-legged friends and how the oasi del cucciolo was born.
Since I was a child, I started crawling alongside my Minu, an apricot-colored poodle, with whom I grew up. Later Lilli, Golia, Felix, Zeus, Sally, Pablo, Toby, Chery, Fiume, Birba were added, dogs of different breeds (Poodles-Pomeranians-Newfoundland) that my parents owned.
At some point, however, all this disappeared for family reasons, my furry friends became less and less until I no longer had any dogs by my side.
My last woof was Pablo a huge black and white Newfoundland who was stolen from me at the age of three. I suffered so much that I no longer wanted dogs for a while.
At 18 I left home and went to live with Daniele, my current husband, who was absurdly afraid of dogs...I let you imagine when for the first time in a while I asked him to get a dog...
Well... it took 6 years before convincing him, a long time that however led to all this.
Well, this is how my first Golden Maya entered my life, my queen, my spoiled girl, my little girl who is now 12 years old.
Why a Golden Retriever? What other dog could my husband tolerate.... after a long investigation, this was the breed that best suited us according to our needs!
When Maya arrived, everything turned upside down, I found myself with a one-year-old boy and a crazy puppy, the first days were hard, but within a few weeks we returned to our balance.
The bond that was gradually established with my husband and me was beautiful, but the one with my son was amazing, she accompanied him every step he took, always showered him with kisses, they spent hours playing with that all banged up tennis ball, I always fell in love with more of these positive emotions I felt in seeing them both so happy. Maya started to grow up and at the age of 3 the time came to choose whether to have a litter or to sterilize her...well the choice wasn´t hard fought, the idea of having puppies running around the house drove me crazy. is the beginning of our adventure.
At the time, I was expecting my second baby Andrea, I was at home on maternity leave from work that accompanied me for 17 years, I was a beautician, so I had all the time to dedicate to my was a UNIQUE experience, which made me it filled the heart and gave so much satisfaction! From there I started thinking about making the rest of my life out of that little period!
I began to take our second golden, Kira who is now 9 years old, slowly I increased the number of dogs, and brought the Bernese Mountain Dogs into my idea, for this reason L´Oasi del cucciolo was born as a breeding of Golden and Cattle Dogs.
Arrived at 4 dogs, it was impossible to think of keeping them all in a house of 90 m2, so I thought of buying land where there was a small wooden house so that I could leave my dogs alone while I was at my work as a beautician.
For 4 years I tried to keep both jobs, with the aim of creating what later became our Oasis! A house just for my woofs! All this has involved several sacrifices, but all this has allowed me to realize my dream, and to go back to walking every day among my 4-legged friends just like when I was a child! BETWEEN DREAMS, SACRIFICES AND REALITY MY PUPPY OASIS IS BORN
Today we are a professional breeding recognized by ENCI and FCI, all our reproducers are checked and certified for hereditary diseases (dysplasia, eye disease, heart disease and genetic tests), our reproducers are in fact selected for health, morphology and behaviour, all tests are show yourself to all owners before buying a puppy at our facility.
We raise our dogs in a family context, free all day in contact with adults and children, they live experiences of any kind, all to make dogs as sociable and balanced as possible, so as to be able to face any situation. Our dogs are members of our family and we want to be the point of reference for the future owners of our puppies who can turn to us for any advice on growth and education.
The Oasi del cucciolo is a high selection breeding of 100% pure English and American golden retrievers in line with the code of ethics by the NATIONAL ENTITY OF ITALIAN KINOFILIA and with the utmost respect for our reproducers. The puppies of the Oasi del cucciolo kennel are provided with ENCI pedigree, registration in the canine registry with insertion of the microchip, intestinal parasitic treatments, vaccine for the age of delivery (60 days), passport in case of foreign destinations, and photocopy of parent certificates.
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