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The Golden Retriever is originally from Great Britain and belongs according to the classification F.C.I. to
group 8 (retrieving, hunting and water dogs), section 1 (retrieving dogs).
In general, the appearance is Symmetrical, balanced, active, powerful, level mover; sound with kindly expression.
Behaviorally, he is generally Biddable, intelligent and possessing natural working ability; kindly, friendly and confident.
The general well-being of the dog lies in taking care of both its physical health and its behavioral health, stimulating it with physical and mental activity.
To ensure correct development of the puppy we therefore recommend a high quality diet and periodic visits to the vet: the first visit will allow you to perform a thorough examination, checking the eyes, ears, stomach, heart and lungs and will administer the distemper vaccine, the ´adenovirus, parvovirus and parainfluenza; the next ones will be scheduled periodically to continuously monitor your puppy.
Furthermore, to improve his learning ability, it is necessary to stimulate him with frequent interactions and a stimulating environment with always new interactive games, as well as daily training phases (as explained in the book “The Everything Golden Retriever Book” of 2004).
There are also special lessons dedicated to puppies which will be essential for raising an absolutely serene, balanced and obedient adult dog. In addition to these courses, it is also advisable to participate in exercises and rehearsals outside normal hours. In fact, stimulating the animal to the maximum is the only way to obtain results in a coherent way and capable of lasting over time.
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